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“Through pain we build strength, through fear we develop courage. Nothing shall deter a Warrior from the taste of glory”


Perfect for Competitors & the Best Start for Beginners

  • You do not have to be a fitness pro to reap the spoils of the WarriorFit Training Program.
  • Not only is our training perfect for die-hard Toyota Warrior Race competitors and enthusiasts, but if offers the perfect platform for beginners to get into shape whilst vastly improving strength, health, fitness and obstacle course skills.
  • The WarriorFit Team will prepare you for any aspect of Obstacle Course Racing.
  • The training is designed specifically for you and your personal needs with Master Classes for teaching technique. The program will continually evolve over time as we adjust and alter it to fit your experience and skill.
  • There will also be regular time trials and obstacle related challenges to test progress and highlight weaknesses.
  • We will recommend OCR Gyms in your area which you will be able to use for your training.

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