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“Through pain we build strength, through fear we develop courage. Nothing shall deter a Warrior from the taste of glory”


Perfect for Competitors & the Best Start for Beginners

  • You do not have to be a fitness pro to reap the spoils of the WarriorFit Gym.
  • Not only is our obstacle course the perfect training ground for die-hard Jeep Warrior Race competitors and enthusiasts, but if offers the perfect platform for beginners to get into shape whilst vastly improving strength, health, fitness and obstacle course skills.
  • The WarriorFit arsenal comes fully prepped with 21-30 different obstacles.
  • The training is segmented into beginner/intermediate/advanced workouts with scheduled technique classes. The obstacles will continually evolve over time as we adjust and alter the course to improve your experience and skill.
  • There will also be regular time trials on a fixed obstacle route in the gym to test progress and highlight weaknesses. Time trial routes be segmented for beginners, intermediates and the elites to ensure safe and effective time trials. A digital score board will display an individual’s effort.
  • Selected gyms will also include dynamic obstacles like the Salmon Ladder, the Avalanche and a Climbing Wall.

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