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Blood, Sweat, Tears. Let’s go to War!

WarriorFit training programs are here to provide you with a means to execute your fitness goal, from strength training for weight loss, to building muscle, to fitness training.

Training with WarriorFit will develop your entire body using your own bodyweight, create power and endurance while improving your skills and technique to master obstacles. It will focus on all elements required to be stronger, fitter, healthier, and a proficient obstacle racer.

With the guidance of the WarriorFit trainers and by utilising the Master Classes, each individual will have the opportunity to determine their goals and structure a result driven training program. There will also be regular time trials and obstacle related challenges to test progress and highlight weaknesses.

Each WarriorFit experience will give you a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction. As much as we want to ensure you experience a great workout, we strive to create an environment where you thoroughly enjoy the creative program, classes and activities.

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