Jay Jay Deyzel - Warrior6 Race Report

Jay Jay Deyzel - Warrior6 Race Report

Warrior #7 (Race Report)

jay jay
As exciting as every Warrior weekend is, I couldn’t wait to get to the course at Hero Adventure - Hobby Park on Saturday morning to have a look at all the obstacles and to see what the route looks like.
When I saw the obstacles I immediately got a big smile on my face as I really like the challenge that every obstacle puts you through. I just love obstacles !! On the other side I saw the route and that big smile got a liiiittlle bit smaller haha. I had a great Saturday at the Venue with fellow athletes/friends . Always fun to see all the Warriors getting dirty and loving every moment of it !!
On Sunday morning I got to The Warrior Race with my nerves all up and butterflies going crazy. I did my warm up and 10 minutes before the start of the race I went to the line to get the adrenaline pumping with ‪#‎WarriorRic‬ owning the show.
As the race started the first few km’s felt like a never ending climb when Claude, Thomas and Louis pulled a gap with Willem not far behind. My legs got really tired/fatigued but I managed to stay with the second batch of guys as we formed a group setting a nice pace. On top of the hill we did 2 obstacles ‪#‎Woundedsoldier‬ & ‪#‎Logbuster‬. Going down the hill my legs loosened up a bit, until we got to ‪#‎TruckandTrailer‬, the tires were small but big enough to fatigue my legs. That was where Bradley and Egor pulled a gap on me and Micheal. We then got to ‪#‎farmerswalk‬ where I passed Micheal and another athlete and caught up to my Jeep Team teammate Joshua, he is a very fast runner and I soon lost sight of him going up another rocky hill. I was not in the position I was hoping at this stage but halfway through the race my legs felt better and I managed to pick up my pace and keep it there.
I knew that my favorite part of the race was still to come (the more upper body obstacles) so that motivated me and kept my head on the right track.
I passed Egor and pulled a gap on the guys behind me going through the first few obstacles and with around 4 obstacles to go before the finish line I saw that if I can keep my pace up I might catch some of the guys on the famous ‪#‎Breakingpoint‬. I pushed hard and managed to get there without any problems. When I got to #Breakingpoint I saw that Louis was sitting on the rest point halfway through the obstacle and other 2 athletes were at the start of the obstacle. I knew that I shouldn’t mess this up and I had to make sure that I get through it the first time without falling. I grabbed the first swinging ball, believed in myself and all that went through my mind was go go go !! I went through the ‪#‎Hangingballs‬ "haha", ‪#‎Unchainedmonkey‬ and ‪#‎Cliffhanger‬ without any problem passing Louis just before #cliffhanger. I got onto the net and in the corner of my eye saw that Louis just completed the #cliffhanger and that we are going to be on the net at the same time, I was on the lowest point of the net and the bell felt like it was miles away !! My hands got tired and my fore arms started pumping but the cheer from the crowd and my coach JP from WarriorFit that kept on saying don’t let go, don’t let go really helped me through as I was literally hanging on 2 fingers when I started to build up a swing to kick the bell. Me and Louis got through #Breakingpoint at exactly the same time. He got into ‪#‎Mudmonster‬ before me but I managed to pass him with my ‪#‎Salomons‬ giving me all the grip i needed and pull a bit of a gap, after ‪#‎Mudmonsterr‬ I ran to the ‪#‎TowerofRage‬ where I jumped off into the muddy water and made my way across the finish line getting a big welcome from Max Cluer (The funny guy with the mic ) who always keeps the spectators entertained and informed on exactly what’s happening at the event and on the course !! Welldone to my Jeep teammate Thomas van Tonder OCR on taking the number 1 spot on the podium and driving away with that new ‪#‎JeepRenegade‬, Claude Eksteen for taking 2nd and Greg Avierenos with 3rd ‪#‎Allwaysontopform‬ !!
and to the ladies...
Trish Bahlman 1st
Hanneke Dannhauser 2nd
Carina Marx 3rd
Dominique DOliveira - OCR Athlete - 4th Thanks so much to the Jeep Team, Salomon South Africa , ‪#‎ScullcandySa‬ and POC South Africa , for all the support !! Its awesome to be a part of such a great team with super athletes !!
& Then a very big thanks to all my friends, family and all the other supporters that motivated me through the race !! The support really makes a difference !!
I feel truly blessed to be a part of the ‪#‎OCR‬ family, I love the sport and I cant wait to see everyone in Cape Town for ‪#‎Warrior7‬ !!!!
‪#‎LiveTheLiveYouLove‬ ‪#‎Bebrave‬ ‪#‎Havefaith‬ ...

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