Michelle Meyer - Jeep Warrior Race6 - Race Report

Michelle Meyer - Jeep Warrior Race6 - Race Report

 Jeep Warrior Race6 - Race Report




The past weekend’s Warrior was another great event hosted by The Jeep Warrior Race! I was excited for this race since the photo teasers of the obstacles earlier in the week looked like a proper challenge and I knew that it might be an opportunity for me to play catch-up!
On the morning though, my coach Jean-Pierre Nortje told me to get a faster start, to push through my mental barrier; I am always reluctant to go too fast from the get-go since I am afraid to use up my fuel tank before we get to the tougher obstacles at the end!
We had a steep start which had my muscles burning before we even got to the first obstacle or rather the second as we all ran past the ropes at the rocky climb right at the beginning... After vertical limit which was a new obstacle, we got to the “heavier” obstacles with wounded soldier, tyre pull - which was surprisingly light, and farmer’s carry. The buckets were practically filled to the rim, which made carrying two of them a real challenge, but there were some girls still trying to complete the loop and I saw an opportunity to posture up and take as many steps at a time as possible to make up some time.
After completing these obstacles I knew that the most draining obstacles were over so I could try to push a little harder on my running. I unfortunately struggled with a runny nose which turned into a nasty cough in the week leading up to the race and as I tried to push harder I could feel my body felt like it now had me and the germs to fight off. Luckily I think my vitamins and meds kicked in as I kept a comfortable pace concentrating on getting through one obstacle at a time.
I got excited as the route brought us closer to the main area where I could hear Warrior Ric pumping up the next batch. After getting over the Avalanche, an obstacle I still love conquering, I tried to pick up the pace to get to those last obstacles as soon as possible! After a few curves, turns and up-and-downs,
I caught up with my teammate at the intimidator where we went on arriving at Breaking Point at the same time. As soon as I got there I was able to take a deep breath, focus and start on the hanging balls which was the first part of Breaking point. With the two rings as rest points before the cliffhanger part, which was my “mental” breaking point obstacle at the beginning of 2015, the obstacle turned out to be easier than I anticipated and I was able to kick the bell at the end with a single attempt.
I finished the race in 5th place running to the end, after jumping (I never jump...I kind of just step) off the Tower of Rage, with my teammate Sabrina. I must admit that I was hoping to get to Breaking point and have a re-run of the Ballito Breaking point making up some places by getting it on my first attempt, but the girls came hard and ready for Warrior #6!
So happy for Trish taking the win and Hanneke, Carina and Dominique keeping the pressure all the way to the end! You girls are fierce!
Thank you for all the support from my family, friends, teammates and fellow competitors all the way to the finish line! Team Nevarest, you have made so much possible for me over the past year and I only hope to make you proud for what’s left for 2015! JP, next one I will do my best not to play catch up at any point of the race ;)
Congratulations to everyone who finished The Jeep Warrior Race this weekend! #BeBrave

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