Carina Marx - Race Report - Krugersdorp

Carina Marx - Race Report - Krugersdorp

The Jeep Warrior Race #6 race report:

After the race in Ballito I was more determined than ever not to repeat the same mistakes. Three things stood out for me: 1. I had to get more focused on my own race and 2, get faster on the obstacles and 3, get jacked up on my nutrition.
So that's what I did and felt a lot calmer and self assured going into this race. I had a game plan and stuck to it.
We were fortunate with the best weather conditions on the day. I had a good warmup and it made all the difference with the first 4km of hill climbing. My HR stayed fairly consistent and all my hill training paid off. The legs managed to keep a good pace going, good enough to keep up with Hanneké within a few metres most of the time. (For the first time ever, may I say)
I was in 4th place until we got to farmer's walk where I got the opportunity to pass Karlien and Hanneké. Those buckets were super heavy!
Hanneké and I kept each other company for the rest of the race, giving each other a turn to lead the way until we got to Breaking point... I went out too rushed on my first attempt and wasted valuable time and that's where Hanneké went straight through in the usual Dannhauser style. I got through on my 2nd attempt and ended up in 3rd place. The best part was that I felt good enough to do a Rookie straight away! All and all, I had a wonderful race and I'm already excited for Cape Town!
Well done to all my fellow competitors, especially Trish Bahlmann and Hanneké Dannhauser, all the amazing guys who encouraged me along the way, to all my supporters who are always there for me and a HUGE thank you to all my sponsors, ‪#‎evoxadvancednutrition‬ ‪#‎asgsportsolutions‬ ‪#‎compressport‬ and ‪#‎proteahotels‬ Lastly to my Trainer JP, you are amazing! You have truly turned me into an OCR athlete and I will always be thankful! Congratulations to the team who are going to the World OCR! Show them what the SA Warriors are made of... You are each as deserved as the next!
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