Thomas Van Tonder OCR - Race Report Balito

Thomas Van Tonder OCR - Race Report Balito

The Jeep Warrior Race Warrior 5

weekend. The Jeep Warrior race always delivers. like they have done again this past weekend, down in Balito 
We had a high pace race, again... With all of the favorites in the front line, so I knew it was going to be a hard day in the ‪‎BlackOpsElite office. From the start was a bit of a runner’s race, with most of the harder obstacles in the second half of the course. Claud Eksteen and Louis Smit made the first brake on a strong running pace with me and Greg Aviernios in 3rd and 4th. The most of the first half of the race me and Greg switched places while chasing the lead. We caut up to Louis Smith at the Log buster, but Louis opened a gap on us right after the log buster with some more strong running, leaving me in 4th chasing the podium. Greg chasing Louis managed to open about a 20m gap. At that stage i knew I had to up my pace to stay in the contest for the podium, as i have only missed the Jeep Warrior Race podium once since I have started racing ‪#‎OCR .. so did not want to make it a nr2. I then started pushing to get back to Greg. Did not seem like i was making up a lot of ground, I took back 3rd place at the ropes and logs. But my 3rd was rather short lived as Greg passed me again soon after on the running. I could not match his pace at that time soo I was back to my 4th position...
Next up was ‎MudMonster. it was made a bit thinner than usual to save some water for the water problem in Balito, but what some what higher than usual, but FUN as always 
I got stuck a bit at the Barrels after mud monster. where 5 the position caut up to me. So i had to do some more pacing to not fall back to 5th. but managed to push to the end and take a 4th place at the end.
I think this race was a bit more in the runners favor.
Well done to Claud on the win, Greg with the second place and Louis in 3rd. you all raced very well. 
And a good race to my Jeep team, team mates Jay Jay Deysel with a 7nt in Elite Black Ops. new member Joshua close to top 10. and Dominique de Olivera a 3rd 
So i missed out on the new Jeep Renegade 
I am a bit disappointed that i missed out on the podium. But will be back at the next race to do my best 
All and all a very nice weekend down to the coast. In a fantastic ‪#‎JeepGrandCherokee just got to love the ‪#‎JeepLife.
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