Johan Naude

Johan Naude

The Warrior Race #3, 2018
Venue: Tierpoort
Black-ops Elite: None-finisher The preparation: 
Trained insane for 3 weeks under coach Thomas van Tonder and it showed! With no rest did really well in The Beast OCR, Savage Beast and Jump City Challengeback to back races 14days before Warrior #3. 7 days before the race had a great BeastMode Workshop and Workout class (see photos) and was in the best shape and fitness level of my life. 6 days before the race something didn't feel right and was so tired and couldn't train. Thought it might be over-training and just needed to rest? But after resting for a day I couldn't get out of bed the next day and was sick in bed for 3 days with Human Tick Bite Fever. I rested and treated myself as good as I could... We started Carien Du Toit on preventive treatment asap, but she was also in bed for 2 days.

The race: 
Thomas van Tonder told me and Carien Du Toit to be smart and listen to our bodies. Carien still not being 100% decided to race easy and for fun. But I couldn't give up having put in so much hard work. I started my race as planned and felt ok for 2-3km but felt my body not being able to keep up my normal pace. I had to slow down so much and lost so many places it was killing me. I pushed smart at all the obstacles and won some places, that I lost with the running again. I pushed with everything I had, but after missing the bell twice at Breaking point with only 1m to go, I couldn't go on any more.
The result: 
Resting when I was sick was not enough. My body was still badly affected and having pushed that hard in the race I injured myself and had to rest for a week now before being able to train again. In retrospect it was bad to do that, but if I didn't try I would have regretted it.
The after math: 
Learning from a failure is more valuable than an easy win. Try again and again, never ever give up! I have committed to train even harder and in 4 months make the journey to Durban and compete in the The Warrior Race SA OCR-Championships to qualify for the OCR World Championships.
Congrats Ruben De Klerk with a great race and Congrats Coach Thomas van Tonder with a great win!! #hardworkpays! Thanks Jonathan Hart this warrior was at a good hard level, looking forward to even harder warriors! Thanks Thomas van Tonder OCR and Jean-Pierre Nortje as WarriorFit coaches learning so much from you guys! And thanks for the #crampnot! No cramps what so ever!

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