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Where WarriorFit Began

Warriorfit team offers coaching built around the different training requirements and physical and mental capabilities of the athlete. All queries must be directed to the indivudal relevant to training requimes. Warriorfit team utilizes a multi-sport approach to coaching athletes in order to maximise training. We cross train our athletes during the general preparation phase, in the annual plan. That way our athletes can develop an aerobic base and increase strength in muscle while doing other sports. We believe that it is important to cross train in order to add diversity, while not diverting from the athletes sport of choice. 
Sport package programs provide athletes with a monthly training plan tailored to a single or multiple sports of choice, taking consideration the dates of the races selected and the athlete’s competition goals. One of the coach’s main objective is to insure that the athlete understands the level of training required in order to attain the aspired results. The goal is to increase the physical, technical and tactical demands of their discipline.
We train our athletes with TrainingPeaksTM, available with any of our training plans. Our partners at have developed an on-line training tracking system that helps the serious athlete, in partnership with his/her coach, determine optimal training conditions based on current planned performance. Use these tools to expand your understanding of fitness and training and to learn more about how your body responds to training so you can maximize your valuable time and ensure success

The beauty behind WarriorFit is that it caters to people of all fitness levels, from beginners to elite. Besides the Multi-Sport training for the different fitness groups it also offers a wide range of other packages, adding value to the system. Keep an eye on our events page and our facebook page for any updates on events taking place in your area.



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